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Workplace Safety Matters - Offenses / Violation

Topic : Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Matters 

When we think about workplace safety, images of construction workers hanging off skyscrapers or power line technicians in cherry pickers often pop into our heads, but there are hazards in any

1. Workplace
2. Office environments.

The top three causes of workplace injuries were:
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Overexertion in lifting (such as a strain or sprain caused by lifting something too heavy)
  • Contact with an object or equipment (being hit by something)
While some injuries might be unlikely in an office or other relatively low-risk environment, certainly a slip-and-fall or lifting injury is possible anywhere.

Reducing hazards as much as possible and training employees about the risks can go a long way toward prevention.
Common Safety Offenses / Violation
  1. Non compliance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  2.  Electrical Hazardsinsulation, incomplete circuit devices, mislabeled circuit’s components etc.
  3. Removing Machine Guarding
  4. Hazard Communication: Mislabeling and the absence of safety data sheet
  5. Not using Fall Protection while work at height
  6. Not providing Lockout and Tagout on energized equipment while carrying out maintenance work.
  7. A blocked or obstructed in place Portable Fire Extinguisher/ Fire hydrant line
  8. Welding and compressed gasses: Not using Welding shield and mask while carrying out the work
  9. Training Records: Failure to document training records
  10. Emergency exit violations usually include fire exits that have been blocked and can not be accessed.
  11. Storage violations:  Improper storage in Warehouse.
  12. Manual Lifting: Incorrect method of lifting (Loading / Unloading) materials.
  13. Forklift Violation: Non skilled drivers, Driver not paying attention and hit something.
  14. Ladder:  Due to misuse or faulty maintenance, using damage ladder and inappropriate ladder to carry out the work.


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