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Hand Injuries

Hand Injuries

What it would be like to lose the use of one or both of your hands because of an injury?

Our hands and wrists have 27 bones along with the soft tissue that allows us the flexibility and strength to be able to perform tasks. Even a minor hand or finger injury will remind us how important it is to have the full use of our hands.

As per different accident analysis close to 20% of all days away from work injuries are hand related. In fact around 10% of all hospital emergency visits are related to hand injuries and 40% of these injuries involve lacerations or cuts.

How should you avoid hand injuries?
  • Complete a pre task Safe Plan of Action (SPA) so that you can eliminate the hazards and dangers in the job to be done.
  • Be aware of pinch points. Be aware of hot points.
  • Be aware of rotating or moving surfaces. Automated machinery may be controlled by remote control, or delay timing devices that cause the machine to start automatically.
  • Loose clothing and jewelry may be caught up in moving machinery.
  • Never remove machine safeguards or operate machinery with safeguards removed.
  • Use the appropriate tool for the job.
  • Wear the right gloves, that fit correctly, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

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