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SAFETY SERIES:- 20 | Hazards & Incidents

Safety Series:- 20

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Hazards & Incidents 

If someone asked you to define a hazard / an Incident could you do it? Many times hazards cause incident /accidents, but what is the definition of each? To help educate employees, the following definitions have been provided for your reference and understanding: 

A Hazard : Source with a potential to cause injury and ill health;

  • Note 1: Hazards can include sources with the potential to cause harm or hazardous situations, or circumstances with the potential for exposure leading to injury and ill health.

An Incident : Occurrence arising out of, or in the course of, work that could or does result in injury and ill health;

  • Note 1: An incident where injury and ill health occurs is sometimes referred to as an "accident."
  • Note 2: An incident where no injury and ill health occurs, but has the potential to do so, may be referred to as a “near-miss”, “near-hit” or “close call”.
  • Note 3: Although there can be one or more non- conformities related to an incident, an incident can also occur where there is no nonconformity

For an unplanned or unforeseen event to take place, there has to be potential! Complacency and taking things for granted are causes of a tremendous number of injuries each year. Recognizing hazards and doing something about them is everyone’s responsibility

So as you begin work, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the right tools/equipment for the job?  
  • Have I inspected my tools/equipment to make sure they are in good repair or am I trying to “just get by?”  
  • Is the work laid out to provide safe completion of the job?  
  • Are the materials I am using safe, and do I need additional personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, gloves, etc.?  
  • Is there a safer way to accomplish the task?  
  • Are all necessary equipment/machine guards in place?  
  • Are procedures such as lock-out/tag-out being followed?  

You need to be aware of the potential hazards associated with any job and ensure you are performing the job safely.


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