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Safety Seeds : Safety Induction


Safety induction to new employees and contract labors are a key way of achieving our goals in an organization.

Every organizations Safety induction programs will be different, but all successful programs are formal, required, and include and cover the following “must- haves”:


1. Basic Safety policies and rules/procedures
2. Emergency procedures and equipment (evacuation routes, fire alarms, etc)
3. Job/work area hazards
4. Required PPE
5. Hazard reporting
6. Where to go with questions, problems
7. Safety responsibilities
8. Required Safety training
9. Standard Health & Safety information (safety signs, MSDS, etc)
10. Housekeeping duties and rules 
11. Machinery hazards and its safety. 
12. Accident reporting guidelines.

13. First aid and fire fighting techniques.

By the end of your induction presentation the workers must have a clear understanding of the risks in your environment.

Safety orientation is just the beginning. It has to be quickly followed up with comprehensive training specific to the Health and Safety hazards and risks of your site.

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